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Give a 360-degree turn to your business with the International Italy Group Platform.

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INTERNATIONAL ITALY GROUP is a strategic consulting company specialized in services aimed at facilitating the internationalization of italian businesses.

INTERNATIONAL ITALY GROUP has established an international partnership with leading companies specialized in the institutional, professional, commercial and financial sectors.

We have the right answer for your business.

Give a 360-degree turn to your business with the International Italy Group Platform .

Do you want to expand your business internationally?

The International Italy Group Platform allows you to forget about administrative problems and different countries' payment systems so you can focus on what's important: your product.

Our success stories

Everybody knows the importance of courage, passion and creativity when starting and managing a new business project. However, these qualities should be tempered by the most important ingredient: experience.

International Italy Group helps you to set up your internationalization project.

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The talent of people and companies like you allows us to be the leading company in Europe and the world, for the development and management of Your Business. Your success is our success - and it starts here. If you're interested in joining the team, please check out the offers.